• 90 kVA, 200/115V 400Hz , 28V= 600A
  • 120/(max135 for 5min)kVA, 2x 200/115V 400Hz, 28V= 600A/max800A short

ASU: 1 x connecting, Q=120 lbs/min, 140 lbs/min for 15min, p=47 lbs/in2, Air Temp.=114C-195C

Passenger loading stairs: threshold height from 1600mm to 5600mm

Baggage carts: with a load capacity of 2500kg

Cargo dolly: to palettes 125”x 96”

Forklift: maximum load 4000kg, lift height 3420mm

Conveyor belt: belt length: 8m, belt width: 600mm, front height: 1400-4000mm, rear height: 840-1700mm, maximum load: 450kg

Toilet Service: gravity drainage, recharging system
Fuel: Tank cars for fuels and

Pushback tractor: tow bar design, towing airplane maximum 400T

Tow tractors: diesel power

Baggage tow: electric power

Goods lifts: maximum load: 3500kg, platform size: 3750x1620mm, height:-3400mm maximum load: 20+20T, platform size: L5000+7000xW3230xH5600mm

De-icing equipment

Airport maintenance and fire service vehicles

  • Runway broom and dryer, 4.2 meters, and snow pusher in a width of 5.5 meters
  • Snow pusher with a salt spreader equipment
  • Runway friction tester vehicle
  • Fire service vehicles to ICAO CAT7.