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    Every aircraft that uses the runways and/or taxiways of the Hévíz-Balaton Airport must pay a landing fee. The landing fee is based on the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft and must be paid per each 1000 kg commenced.

    Aircraft weight calculation
    The aircrafts arriving here pay based on their maximum take-off weight per each 1000 kg commenced. The planes are classified by the ICAO Doc 7100 manual based on their maximum take-off weight.



    Aircraft weight in kg

    EUR/1000 kg

    up to 4.000 kg


    4.001-15.000 kg


    15.001-200.000 kg


    above 200.001 kg


  3. Note:

  4. The landing fee changes taking into account the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft as indicated in the table.

  5. For example: If the maximum take-off weight of the plane is 2300 kg, 30 EUR must be paid, but if the maximum take-off weight of the plane is 8700 kg, 85 EUR and not 90 EUR must be paid:

    up to 0-4.000 kg - 4*12 = 48 EUR

    4.001-15.000 kg - 5* 9 = 45 EUR, making a total of 85 EUR-t because the zones add up.

    Runway lights fee: in case of practice 60 EUR an hour must be paid. It can also be taken for a shorter period, but a fee for the minimum 30 minutes must be paid in every case.

Touch and go, ILS, NDB

In the case of touch-and-go landings, ILS, NDB approach the charge is uniformly 2 EUR/t/landing based on Maximum take-off weight.


  • The above instructions shall not apply to:
  • state flights if they are not used for commercial purposes;
  • search and rescue flights;
  • topographic flights;
  • calibration of navigational aids;
  • those aircrafts that departed from the Hévíz-Balaton Airport, but turned back because of a breakdown or adverse weather conditions;
  • aircrafts in emergency.


Operators of ATO and pleasure flights are charged with fees, based on casual agreements.



    It is possible to receive and launch flights beyond the normal operating hours of the airport if a prior (minimum 48 hours) notification is received. The surcharge of handling services beyond operating hours is 140 EUR an hour. If the required services is at a time period independent of the normal operating hours, the minimum surcharge is for 4 hours. The operation beyond the operating hours is only demandable in writing, which cannot be withdrawn subsequently, its fee will be charged even in the case of flight cancellation. 

    The following parking fee applies to airplanes stopping at Hévíz-Balaton Airport. The price per 24 hours and per tons is based on the maximum take-off weight of the airplane:

    3.00 EUR/24 hours/1000 kg

    The parking fee does not apply to those aircrafts whose stay at Hévíz-Balaton Airport does not exceed three hours. Any parking that exceeds three hours is considered as a 24 hours long parking.  

    Those aircrafts, whose base airport is the Hévíz-Balaton Airport, are entitled to allowances based on special agreements.

    Passenger terminal for commercial flights:
  4. 10.00. EUR/ departing passanger  (Children under two years free of charge)


  1. Passenger GA terminal:
  2. 6.00. EUR/ departing passanger  (Children under two years free of charge)

Remark: all licensed pilot on board, who are not on duty during the flight, will be registered and charged as passenger.    


 The following security charges apply to everyone,apart from:

  • children under two years
  • GA passangers     
  1. Passanger terminal:
  2. 3.00 EUR/departing passenger (Children under two years free of charge)


Information about fees and charges:

e-mail: cki@hevizairport.com

Phone: +36-83/200-304