Up until Monday evening as part of the airline’s pilot training within the frame of test flights, landings were practised in touch & go operation, which means that the plane takes off again after landing. The plane type, which has an important role in Lufthansa’s fleet made many circles above the region drawing the holidaymakers’ attention. One of the national commercial TV channels, which were shooting in the surrounding area, at the sight of the plane also visited the airport and recorded an interview with Benno Herrmann, who is the senior training captain of Lufthansa, in a good atmosphere for the evening news.  

The practising flights are the result of the operating company and Mutsch Ungarn Reisen’s – , which operated Lufthansa’s planes as charter flights -  collaboration and the local participants’ lobby activity, which lasted for years. 


While the future pilots were practising, the visitors arrived by the plane, the employees of Lufthansa and their family members got acquainted with the services of the spa town and the standards of its hotels. In the frame of a rich program they roamed about the close region, Lake Balaton and they got to know the excellent wines better. 

„According to the plans of Hévíz-Balaton Airport Ltd., they wanted to give opportunity to the training flights – to which Lufthansa imposed a number of strict requirements - more often.   Besides it generated income to the company, it also generated room nights in the town”– said Vice Mayor Könnyid László, who is responsible for the development of the air transport and, who was watching the practising flights on the site both days.